Don't let clutter steal time & energy from you any more. Have your home work for you instead.

"Home moves can be so daunting... they involve so much decision making and you have to pack & organise when all you want is to live there!"

Yes, I hear you.

It can be a lot... until now anyway! I'm here to share the Move with Intention method that sees home moves as an opportunity to create that home that makes you smile and feel a sense of peace, calm and focus in life.

Take a moment to take a good look at what you own & intentionally decide what to pack.

You will be touching every item during your move anyway, you may as well take the chance and follow a mindful approach to streamline your life.

"I feel like a roof have been lifted over my head!"

Kelly Emmanuel

"I'm loving this trip and feel well underway for the move even though there are still 2 months to go."

Francesca B.

"I can't wait to get back to decluttering. I'm happy every morning at how much easier my bathroom works."

Anke Brings

Reduce what you own to what adds value to your life.

better focus

higher self-esteem

reduced stress

improved lifestyle and wellbeing

better relationships

*According to studies by Stephanie McMains and Sabine Kastner, psychologists at Princeton University

You have what it takes!

Implement the Move with Intention Method to reduce what you own while discovering what adds value to your life.


1) Tips to Involve the Family in the process (.pdf)
2) Toys Organisation Guide (.pdf)

Because they will improve your home move experience and help you get better results.

Hi!, I´m Inés

A citizen of the world born in Patagonia (Argentina). An organiser specialised in home moves with an emphasis on minimalism.


I love home moves. Their energy & the opportunities that they provide.

And I understand the power that things have in our lives. They can either work against us or as allies.

Let's make the best of this opportunity!


Why do I need this?

If you don't know where to start getting rid of stuff and/ or packing, how to make decisions about what stays and what goes& what to do with it all, this course will help.

What if it doesn't work?

It will work in relation to the energy you put into it. And I will be supporting you weekly too.

Who's this guide ideally for?

  • Those feeling like they own too much and wanting a clean slate.
  • Those struggling to downsize.
  • Those feeling anxious to move, not knowing where to start.

When is it better to start the guide?

The moment you start thinking about moving!

The earlier you start the more you'll accomplish before moving day. If you're short on time it will help you structure the moving process and will provide a plan to finish decluttering & organising after moving day.

How much time do I need to declutter & pack to move?

That depends on the size of your house, on the amount of things that you own and also how quickly you can decide what stays and what goes. As a guide, you will do great if you could allocate 15 sessions before moving day... which are best spread out over time. Some will be quick, others may take a full day.

This is your chance to live in a home that helps you live your best life.

Need assistance ordering?

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